See the archive of MBMGCC newsletters (“The Abingdon Oiler“)  HERE

6/26/2019:  Added July “1st Thursday” [July 11] gathering to the Calendar (Acme Diner)

6/4/2019:  Added a ’67 MGB to the Classifieds 

6/3/2019:  Added June “1st Thursday” gathering to the Calendar (Big Lake Bar & Grill)

4/4/2019:  Added to the Calendar – invitation to April 13 tour with AARC & SOCC

3/27/2019:  Added April “1st Thursday” gathering to the Calendar (Gentleman Gene’s)

3/20/2019:  The MBMGCC has been officially dissolved. will continue for the near future as an unofficial focal point for Skagit & Whatcom MG Enthusiasts

3/15/2019:  The Club Officers who have served for multiple years, were faced with the realization that continuing the MBMGCC is not viable and regrettably are dissolving the Club, effective immediately.

2/23/2019:  Added a March “1st Thursday” gathering to the Calendar  (Skagit River Brewery)

2/22/2019:  Updated the Member Roster

1/31/2019:  The February 2nd Member’s Meeting has been cancelled due to lack of response from members.  The Officers will meet the week of February 3 to determine the next steps and any future of the Club.  Updated the Calendar for a February 7 “1st Thursday” at the Conway Pub.  Removed ’77 MGB from the Classifieds.

1/19/2019: Posted detail of an IMPORTANT Annual Member meeting: 2/2/2019 @ 12 noon.  See the 2019 Calendar

1/5/2019:  Listing for a 1978 MGB  was added to the Classifieds 

11/30/2018:  December 8 Christmas Party at Essig’s has been CANCELLED

11/12/2018:  Posted 2018 Calendar detail of the December 8th Christmas Party!

11/11/2018:  Added placeholder for the Christmas Party on the 2018 Calendar

10/23/2018:  Updated the Classifieds – vehicle sold

8/23/2018:  Welcome to our very newest member: Sara O!

8/21/2018:  A welcome to our new members: Peter & Kathleen R!

8/6/2018:  Added an August 15 “MGs take to the Water” Tour to the 2018 Calendar

7/19/2018: Updated the 2018 Calendar with August 2 – 1st Thursday Gathering at Pub 282 & posted a new listing for a MGB GT in the Classifieds

7/16/2018: Updated the 2018 Photo Gallery

7/1/2018:  Added MGB Roll Bar to the Classifieds

6/27/2018: Welcome to our newest members Kevin & Kari W!

6/24/2018: Updated the 2018 Calendar, removed MGTF from classifieds (sold)

6/11/2018: Updated the 2018 Calendar with a change to the June 16 outing to the Outback Kangaroo Zoo( & lunch)! REVISED EVENT FLYER HERE

6/3/2018:  Added a very nice ’73 MGB GT to the Classifieds

5/26/2018: Updated the 2018 Calendar with a June 16 outing to the Outback Kangaroo Zoo (& lunch!) EVENT FLYER HERE

5/7/2018:  Added the 1st Annual Skagit Casino Car Show (7/15) to the 2018 Calendar & added an outing report for the 4/30 Beer & Cars gathering

4/30/2018: Updated the 2018 Calendar with the first Thursday, Beer & Cars in Sedro Woolley

4/19/2018:  Posted minutes from the 4/14 Quarterly Officer’s Meeting & Kenworth Run

2/1/2018:  Updated the 2018 Calendar

1/22/2018:  Added a June Grand Coulee Dam trip to the Calendar

1/21/2018:  Posted minutes from the 1/20 Annual Member’s Meeting

1/20/2018: Welcome to our newest member TimF, updated dates on Join the Club page, & carried 2017 Club Officers over to 2018

1/4/2018: Revised Annual Meeting time: 11:30am – 1:30pm — same date: Saturday, January 20

12/26/2017:  We are planning the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting for noon, January 20, at Coconut Kenny’s.  See the Calendar

12/13/2017: Posted Gallery and Report from the Christmas Party & updated the 2017 Photo Gallery

10/31/2017: Updated the Calendar with the EVENT FLYER for the 12/9 MBMGCC Christmas Party

10/28/2017:  Updated the Member Roster

10/25/2017:  Added Meeting Notes from 10/21 Quarterly Meeting

10/18/2017: Corrected contact information on Calendar for MBMGCC Christmas Party questions

10/17/2017:  Added trip report & photos from the Cranberry Run.  Updated the Calendar with 4th Quarterly Meeting and Christmas Party information

9/2/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar (corrected Skagit Valley Run date to Friday, September 8)

9/1/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar (an impromptu Skagit Valley Run on September 6)

8/10/2017: Posted minutes from the August 4 Officer’s Meeting

8/3/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar (new start date for the October Cranberry Run)

7/31/2017:  Added a very nice ’77 MGB to the Classifieds

7/30/2017:  Please welcome our newest members, William (Coy) & Kris M!

7/26/2017: Added a short trip report from today’s impromptu run to Mt Erie & Washington Park to the 2017 Calendar

7/25/2017: Come celebrate Lyle & Francie’s 60th Anniversary + Lyle’s 80th Birthday!  See the August Calendar!

5/24/2017: Added listing for Overdrive Gearboxes to the Classifieds

5/2/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar adding the June 10-11 Grand Coulee Run and correcting the motel phone number

5/2/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar adding a 10/14 Cranberry Festival Run

4/24/2017: Updated the 2017 Calendar adding the 7/22 Western Washington All British Field Meet

4/20/2017: Posted minutes from the April 20 Officer’s Meeting

3/22/2017: Added listing for ’68 MGB Project to the Classifieds

2/26/2017: Posted a beautiful MGTF for sale in the Classifieds

2/7/2017: Added Fish & Chips Challenge to the 2017 Calendar

2/2/2017: Posted minutes from 1-28 Annual Meeting

1/29/2017: New Officers were elected for our 20th year!  See the Contact page. Continued expansion of the 2017 Calendar

1/13/2017: Initiated the 2017 CalendarArchived previous calendars

11/5/2016: The MBMGCC Christmas Party is coming soon: December 4!  See the EVENT FLYER

11/4/2016: Added listing for ’52 MGDT to the Classifieds

10/3/2016:  Updated the Member Roster

8/9/2016: Added State Park Pass recommendation to the 8/11 San Juan Tour  (2016 Calendar)

8/7/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar:  8/11, 8/19 & 9/17 

8/3/2016:  Updated the Member Roster

7/13/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar with details of the REBOOTED July 30,  7 Lakes Run!

7/12/2016:  Added information regarding the July 16 “Vibes in the Vineyard” event to the MBMGCC home page.   Updated August San Juan Tour information

7/5/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar with details of the August 6 MGTD 50th Anniversary Party

6/17/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar with details of the June 25th,  7 Lakes Run!  Sounds like FUN, plan on coming!

6/11/2016:  Updated the Member Roster for 2016 members

5/14/2016: Yellow MGB SOLD, from the Classifieds

5/11/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar removing July Hurricane Ridge run

5/10/2016: Updated the 2016 Calendar with information for the 5/21 Paine Field Aviation and Car Show

3/17/2016: Chev Bel Air SOLD, from the Classifieds

2/22/2016:  Updated the Member Roster

2/8/2016: Posted Minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting, updated the 2016 Calendar & Officer listing

2/4/2016: Added the February 6 Red Wine & Chocolate Tour to the 2016 Calendar

2/1/2016:  Updated the Member Roster 

1/21/2016:  Posted article from Hemmings Sports and Exotic Car Magazine, March 2016, featuring Club member Bruce MacCormack

1/11/2016:  Please come to the 1/30 Annual Meeting at Coconut Kenny’s

12/28/2015: Posted a Chev Bel Air for sale in the Classifieds

11/25/2015: Posted detail of the MBMGCC Christmas Party to the 2015 Calendar

10/12/2015: The 10/17 Quarterly Meeting has been cancelled.  Stay tuned for the new date.

9/16/2015: Added an invite to the 2015 Calendar for a 9/19 Run to the Mountain!

8/3/2015:  Added an 8/8 Local Fun Run to the 2015 Calendar

6/29/2015: Added to the 2015 Calendar:  7/12 Ice Cream Social and tour — see Event Flyer

6/13/2015: Posted another MG TD for sale in the Classifieds

5/29/2015: Added to the 2015 Calendar:  the AARC invites us to join them on their 6/14 Spring Classic Cruise

5/29/2015: Added the 6/20 Strawberry Shortcake Flyer and a listing for a 7/25 Concrete Fly-in & Car Show to the 2015 Calendar 

5/4/2015: Posted a narrative and photos from the 5/2 Impromptu Skagit Run in the 2015 Gallery

5/3/2015: Posted beautiful MG TD for sale in the Classifieds

4/12/2015: Updated the Member Roster & welcome to our newest members, Joe & Ann R., from Ferndale.

4/26/2015: Added initial announcement of a 6/20 Strawberry Shortcake Rally to the 2015 Calendar.  Stay tuned for more information.

4/17/2015: Updated the Member Roster

4/14/2015: Updated the Classifieds

3/28/2015:  Added photos & summary of the 3/18 Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company Tour

3/25/2015: Added a 4/11 tour to the PACCAR Open House to the 2015 Calendar 

3/17/2015: Corrected dates on the 2015 Calendar for the August Albany Balloon Festival & noted the 3/28 Quarterly Meeting is a no-host lunch.

3/12/2015: Added detail of a March 28 Quarterly Meeting to the 2015 Calendar,  updated the Member Roster, updated/modernized some pages

3/8/2015: Updated the Classifieds including a new MBG listing

3/7/2015: Added March 18 to the 2015 Calendar with a tour of Whidbey and a visit to the Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company

2/28/2015: Updated the Member Roster

2/3/2014: See August on the  2015 Calendar for detail of the Albany Balloon Festival and Car Show. Posted detail of the 2-7 Wine and Chocolate Tour

2/3/2014: Posted minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting and 2015 Officers

1/28/2015: Updated the 2015 Calendar adding a Coulee Dam drive on May 30

1/25/2015: Updated the 2015 Calendar and Member Roster

12/21/2014: Revised date of the 2015 Annual Meeting to Saturday, January 24

11/21/2014: Added detail for the Sunday,  12/7 Christmas Party.  Added the January 25th, 2015 Annual Meeting to the Calendar 

11/14/2014: Added an online ballot for 2015 MBMGCC Officer voting

11/7/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar with a Nov 12, mid-week run for Lunch in Concrete

10/20/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with photos and detail of the 10/18 Quarterly Meeting

10/13/2014: The 10/18 Flight Museum Run has had a change of venue, but no change in time – see the 2014 Calendar

10/10/2014:  Added photos & summary for the 9/26 Prosser Balloon Rally to the 2014 Gallery

10/6/2014: Added the Event Flyer to the 2014 Calendar  for the  October 18 Flight Museum Tour and Quarterly Meeting

9/18/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar with October 18 Flight Museum Tour and Quarterly Meeting

8/31/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar with detail for the 9/6 Mt Baker Run

8/17/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar 

8/11/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar with new time and detail information for upcoming events & updated MarkA’s email address

8/10/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with photos and detail of the 8/9 Crab Run & Feed

7/29/2014: Updated detail for the August 9 Crab Run in the Calendar and posted the FLYER

7/28/2014: Dave & Lauretta won 1st Place again at the 2014 Bellevue ABFM!  Congratulations!!

7/23/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with additional detail and photos from the 7-19 Sultan Bakery Run

7/21/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with 7-19 Sultan Bakery Run detail 

7/19/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar with new time and detail information for upcoming events & posted minutes from the 7/13 Quarterly Meeting 

7/14/2014: Updated  Member Roster (welcome Sam & Muriel) and Treasurer mailing address

7/10/2014: Minor update to the 2014 Calendar entry for the August 9 Crab Run & Feast! 

7/8/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar  – Added invitation to “Sunday at the Depot” Car & Motorcycle Show in Bellingham

7/4/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar  – Added detail for a 7/13 Quarterly Meeting & posted summary and photos of the 6/21 Whiskey Run 

6/24/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar  – Added detail for the Bellevue ABFM, July 26

6/18/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar – Added the MG/Jaguar Heritage Weekend in Langley, August 15-17

6/14/2014: New MG Midget listed in the Classifieds & other ads refreshed

5/24/2014: Rescheduled the West Skagit County “Whiskey” Tour to 6/21.  See the 2014 Calendar 

5/20/2014: Made minor corrections to the 2014 Calendar 

5/12/2014: The West Skagit County Run had been rescheduled for May 24.  See the Calendar for details and please: RSVP!

5/9/2014: Updated the 2014 Member Roster to correspond to the printed directory

5/8/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar 5/10 tour postponed

5/6/2014: Updated the Member Roster

4/17/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar & Classifieds

4/8/2014: Updated the 2014 Calendar 

4/3/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with 3-29 Souper Saturday photos and Meeting Notes

3/28/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with 3-22 Impromptu Home Show Tour

3/14/2014: Updated the Calendar with 7/19 Sultan Bakery Run details

3/2/2014: Updated 2014 Gallery with Marine Tech Photos and List of Events on Home Page

2/26/2014: Added detail for the 3/29 Souper Saturday Run to the Calendar.

2/18/2014: Change of plans .. .. Sultan Bakery Run delayed until June

2/17/2014: Updated the Calendar with 5/24 Sultan Bakery Run details

2/12/2014: Updated the Calendar with 4/19 Tulip Rallye information

2/5/2014: Updated the Calendar

1/25/2014: Added minutes from 1/19 Annual Meeting and updated the Calendar.

1/21/2014: Updated Officers, 2014 Dues as a result of the 1/19 Annual Meeting, and corrected Member Roster.

12/16/2013: Updated the Calendar with a new 1/4/14 Noosack Eagle Run & the 1/19/14 Annual Meeting (free pizza!)

11/1/2013: Updated the Calendar with a new 11/10 Party (you can’t miss it)!

10/28/2013: Posted pictures from the 10/19 Flight Museum Ralley and minutes from the Quarterly Meeting

10/9/2013: Updated Calendar with revised detail for the 10/19 Flight Museum outing.

10/7/2013: Updated Calendar with a new date for the Christmas Party:  December 15.  See the Event Flyer.

9/30/2013: Updated Calendar with a new October 19 date for the Bellingham Air Museum

9/19/2013: Posted pictures from the 9/7 Mt Baker Run

9/4/2013: Added newest members to online Membership Roster

8/23/2013: Updated the Classifieds adding several restoration vehicles

8/19/2013: Posted pictures from the 8-17 Crab Run

8/11/2013: Posted pictures from the 8-11 Ice Cream Social 

8/5/2013: Added detail to the Calendar for the August 17 Crab Run

7/28/2013: Dave & Lauretta won 1st Place again at the Bellevue ABFM, 7/27!  Congratulations!!

7/22/2013: Added more info to the Calendar for the August 11 Ice Cream Social 

7/13/2012: Added returning member to online Membership Roster (Cobley)

7/8/2013: Updated the Classifieds

7/2/2013: Changed date for Ice Cream Social to August 11

6/28/2013: Added an August 4th Ice Cream Social to the Calendar

6/25/2013: Posted pictures from the June 23 Strawberry Run

6/18/2013: Updated the Classifieds

6/12/2013: Updated the Classifieds

6/5/2013: The Strawberry Run has moved to June 23. See the Calendar

6/3/2013: Updated the Classifieds

5/31/2013: WOW!  It pays to pay attention!  Those tires sold fast.

5/30/2013: Added some very nice, very reasonably priced tires to the Classifieds

5/28/2013:  Added details and photos from the 5/26 Boulevard Park Meet to the  2013 Gallery

5/24/2013:  Added details and photos from 5/19 Wild Horses Wind Farm Tour to the 2013 Gallery

5/6/2013: Updated the Calendar

5/3/2013: Added picnic details for the May 26 Bellingham Boulevard Park Event on the Calendar

4/30/2013: Added detail for the May 26 Bellingham Boulevard Park Event to the Calendar

4/22/2013:  Added details for the May 4 Sultan Bakery Run to the Calendar

4/15/2013:  Added details and photos from 4/13 Baker Lake Run to 2013 Gallery

4/9/2013: Revised the April 13 “Hot Dog Rallye” to a Baker Lake Run.  See the Calendar.

4/8/2013: Added a “Hot Dog Rallye” to the Calendar  for April 13. Updated on-line Member Roster to official printed version.

3/30/2013: Minutes from the 3/24 Quarterly Meeting & the “Souper Sunday” rally (no pictures provided) posted in the The Abingdon Oiler under Newsletters

3/5/2013: Added Event Flyer to the Calendar for the 3/24 “Souper Sunday” Rally

3/3/2013: Meeting detail added to the Calendar for the 3/24 Soup Run.

1/29/2013: Updated 2013 Officers and posted photo for 2012 winner of the Golden Octagon

1/28/2013: Minutes from the 1/27 Annual Planning Meeting are posted in Newsletters & Calendar is being updated.

1/27/2013: Updated member data in Members Only online roster.

1/6/2013: Added January 27 Annual Meeting to 2013 Calendar & posted pictures of 1/5 Nooksack Eagle Viewing into 2013 Gallery.

12/27/2012: Updated member data in Members Only online roster.

12/23/2012: Started 2013 Calendar.  Added January 5 Eagle Viewing Tour. Cleaned Classifieds of sold items.

10/21/2012: The Air Musuem Rally and 4th Quarter meeting was 10/20.  See photos from the rally HERE & Meeting minutes HERE. Updated Calendar with Christmas Party info.

10/7/2012: Posted trip summary and photos for the October 6 Mt Baker Tour

9/22/2012: Posted details for the October 6 Mt Baker Tour. See the Calendar for details & RSVP by 10/5..

9/19/2012: Posted details for the October 20 Tour and Fall Quarterly Meeting. See the Calendar for details.

8/17/2012: A new tour – September 15, the Samish Valley Gathering.  See the Calendar for details.

8/13/2012: A remarkable Tour of the Diablo Lake and Dam. See the Photos.

8/6/2012: The 2012 MBMGCC Exclusve Crab Run & Feast is coming 8/18!  See the Event Flyer

8/2/2012: Dave & Lauretta win 1st Place at ABFM in Bellevue.  See Home Page.

7/29/2012: Added photos from the 7-28 Concrete Fly-in to the 2012 Gallery

7/16/2012: Added photos from 7-14 “Lunch in Langley” to the 2012 Gallery

7/11/2012: Updated detail for 7/14 Whidbey Tour on the Calendar.

7/5/2012: Updated Classifieds, removing MGB listing.

7/2/2012: Updated Calendar for the 3rd Quarter with changes in RED, added minutes from 7/1 Quarterly Planning Meeting, added photos from 7/1 Ice Cream Social to 2012 Gallery

6/25/2012: Updated Classifieds with another MGB listing and updated 7/1 Quarterly Planning Meeting details – See the Calendar

6/24/2012: Added details for the July 1 Quarterly Planning Meeting and Run for Ice Cream – see the 2012 Calendar

6/21/2012: Added returning member to online Membership Roster

6/16/2012: Updated Classifieds with another MGB listing.

6/14/2012: Added June 16 Anacortes Fly-in to the Calendar

6/4/2012: Udated online Membership Roster

6/1/2012: Updated Classifieds – Price lowered for white MGB.

5/28/2012: Updated Classifieds.  Added Event Flyer for 6/24 Strawberry Shortcake Rally to 2012 Calendar. Added copy of the MBMGCC insurance policy with Haggerty to the Members Only Area

5/22/2012: Added photos from 5-19 Sultan Bakery Run to 2012 Gallery

5/14/2012: Added listing for a beautiful ’79 MGB in the Classifieds

4/18/2012: Added the Sultan Bakery Run Event Flyer to the 2012 Calendar.

4/18/2012: Added new member to online Membership Roster

4/12/2012: Updated Club Bylaws to 2012 printed roster (primarily Article II)

4/11/2012: Updated V6 Conversion Listing in the Classifieds

4/7/2012: Updated 2012 Membership information in Members Only online roster.

4/3/2012: Updated the Club 2012 Calendar based upon the April 1 Planning Meeting (no foolin’!)

3/23/2012: A new, lower price for a 1964 MGB.  See the Classifieds

3/22/2012: Added new listing in the Classifieds: 1951 MG TD

3/21/2012: Added details for April 1 Quarterly Planning Meeting at Village Pizza, Anacortes. See the 2012 Calendar.

3/11/2012: Added Event Flyer for the Souper Sunday Road Rally. See the 2012 Calendar.

2/22/2012: Added Suprise Tour and Lunch, Sunday 2/26.  See the 2012 Calendar.

2/11/2012: Better Cornering & a Sleeker Look –see THIS on Lowering Your Bumper. The Winter Soup Run has been rescheduled to March 18.

1/11/2012: Updated the 2012 Calendar, Photo Gallery, and added photos from 1/8 Planning Meeting.

1/10/2012: Updated member data in Members Only online roster.  Added cell phone entry.

1/6/2012: Updated misc links

12/25/2011: Merry Christmas!  Added January 8 Annual Planning Meeting to 2012 Calendar.

2/15/2011: Notes from the December 10th Christmas Party are posted under Newsletters.

Introduced new entry portal to

11/27/2011: Posted Christmas Party Event Flyer.

11/26/2011: Changed seasonal graphic & updated Join (or renew) page for 2012.

11/8/2011: Added details to Christmas Party entry on the Calendar.

11/3/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

10/22/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

10/8/2011: Posted notes from the October 2 Quarterly Meeting.

10/3/2011: Welcome to newest members Dave & Lauretta, & updated Member Roster

9/22/2011: Welcome to newest member JR & updated Member Roster

9/16/2011: Updated Calendar with October 2 Quarterly Meeting location and pre-meeting rally.

8/28/2011: Welcome to newest member Jack K., updated Member Roster, posted photos from the 8/27 Camano Island Crab Tour.

8/25/2011: Updated Member Roster detail.

8/11/2011: Added details & event flyer for the August 27th Camano Crab Run to the Calendar. Added additional photos to the August 7th Ice Cream Social gallery.

8/9/2011: Welcome to newest members Russ & Cathy K and updated Member Roster. Added pictures from the August 7th Ice Cream Social.

8/1/2011: Welcome to newest members Byron & Mari N and updated Member Roster.

7/22/2011: Added details for the August 7th Ice Cream Social to the Calendar.

7/19/2011: A new MG listing, see the Classifieds.

7/12/2011: Posted Minter Gardens photos.

6/26/2011:Posted photos from 2011 NAMGBR in Reno (via Train Mountain) and the June 25th Strawberry Run.

6/23/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

6/13/2011: Changed date and posted details for Minter Gardens Tour. Added photos from Boulevard Park.

6/10/2011: Updated Classifieds.

5/31/2011: Posted some very good parts for sale. See the Classifieds.

5/24/2011: Added Potluck details for the May 29th Boulevard Park show. See the Calendar.

5/22/2011: Posted photos from the 5/21 Sultan Bakery Run.

5/18/2011: Set Sun, July 10 for run to Minter Gardens. See the Calendar.

5/8/2011: Posted details for the June 25th Strawberry Shortcake Run. See the Calendar.

5/7/2011: Posted details for a May 21st run to the Sultan Bakery. See the Calendar.

5/6/2011: Date changed for the Strawberry Rally. See the Calendar. Changed seasonal image.

4/24/2011: Added Tulip Rally pictures to the 2011 Gallery.

4/16/2011: Updated on line Member Roster to 2011 Membership.

4/14/2011: Posted MG6 News.

4/11/2011: Updated Member Roster.

4/8/2011: Posted Minutes for the 4-3 Quarterly Planning Meeting and Potluck.

4/2/2011: Posted photos from El Rae’s Garage Sale on 3-26.

3/31/2011: Updated Member Roster.

3/21/2011: Updated Member Roster.

3/19/2011: Posted Calendar details for the 1st Quarterly Planning Meeting

3/18/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

3/13/2011: Souper Sunday Gallery posted

3/10/2011: Welcome to new member Michael G.

2/25/2011: Added Souper Sunday Flyer to Calendar.

2/19/2011: Updated Club Officers and Membership (dues) page.

2/15/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

2/3/2011: Updated corrections to Member Roster.

2/2/2011: Posted proposed Bylaw change in Membes Only Area.

2/1/2011: Added 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes and Updated 2011 Calendar.

1/29/2011: Updated the Member Roster and welcome to Greg S & Michele M.

1/26/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

1/15/2011: Posted Annual Meeting announcement in Calendar.

1/1/2011: Changed seasonal graphic.

12/21/2010: Updated pages for 2011. Removed dead links from Links page.

12/7/2010: Updated the Member Roster. Posted pictures from the 12/5 Christmas Party.

11/29/2010: Changed seasonal graphic.

11/19/2010: Added photos of Tim Randell’s MG V6 Maintenance.

11/14/2010: Completed transition to the new host with activation of the Members Only bulk email function.

11/13/2010: Continued transition to new server. All except email is now functional. Changed seasonal graphic. Added Christmas Party Flyer.

11/12/2010: Began migrating website to off-site server platform, due to system failure. Expect a few days of transition.

11/6/2010: Added photos from the Fall Colors Tour.

10/18/2010: Details updated for the Fall Colors Tour. See the Calendar. Classifieds updated (“Wanted” removed).

9/30/2010: Date revised for the Fall Colors Tour. Watch the Calendar.

9/29/2010: Updated on-line member roster.

9/23/2010: Added new member to roster. Posted pictures from Mt Baker tour.

9/4/2010: New email address for Becky. Changed seasonal image.

9/4/2010: The Christmas Party date has changed to December 5th.

9/2/2010: Posted “wanted” in Classifieds.

9/1/2010: Details of September 11 Mt. Baker Tour added (see the Calendar) & Crab Feed pics posted.

8/13/2010: Posted Ron Morganthaler Memorial information and event flyer for August 21 Camano Crab Tour.

8/2/2010: Added Ice Cream Social Reminder. See the Calendar.

7/18/2010: Added RSVP request to the 7/31 Winthrop Tour description on the Calendar.

6/29/2010: Welcome to our newest members: Harry & Melanie S.

6/27/2010: Set date for Mt. Baker Tour for September 11. Watch the Calendar for details as available. Added 6-26 Strawberry Run photos. Added Members & their Cars page.

6/21/2010: ’73 MGB Sold! Ads removed as owner will keep the ’79.

5/28/2010: Changed seasonal graphic. Updated membership information.

5/13/2010: Added the June 26th Strawberry Shortcake Flyer to the Calendar. Added .pdf version of complete 2010 Membership Roster Booklet (as mailed) to the Members Only Area.

5/18/2010: Updated Calendar, moved Ice Cream Social to Aug 8. Added renewing member to roster in Members Only area.

5/13/2010: Added ’79 MGB Roadster to the Classifieds.

5/2/2010: Price reduced again for the excellent ’73 MGB Roadster in the Classifieds.

4/26/2010: Price lowered for the excellent ’73 MGB Roadster in the Classifieds. Added event flyer for Sun Mountain Lodge tour in September.

4/23/2010: Excellent ’73 MGB Roadster posted for sale in the Classifieds.

4/16/2010: Updated membership roster in Members Only area.

4/4/2010: Welcoming our newest member, Mark A.

3/29/2010: Posted pictures from the Pea Soup Run in the 2010 Gallery.

3/19/2010: Changed seasonal graphic.

3/13/2010: Pea Soup Run time change from noon to 12:30pm!

2/16/2010: Changed seasonal graphic.

2/11/2010: Welcoming our newest members, Chick & Bev L.

2/2/2010: Added Toys for Tots photo from the 2/2/2010 Argus

1/29/2010: Minutes from the 1/26 Planning Meeting posted under Newletters.

1/25/2010: Welcoming our newest member, CraigS.

1/24/2010: Added Calendar details & pictures from the Village Pizza Planning Meeting. Updated the seasonal graphic. Updated About MBMGCC with new, 2010 Club Officers.

1/23/2010: Added details for the 2010 LaConner/Skagit Tulip Rallye. See the Calendar.

1/16/2010: Changed seasonal graphic.

1/14/2010: Added link and details of Annual Meeting.

1/3/2010: Added link to the unofficial MBMGCC FACEBOOK page.

12/31/09: Added additional Christmas Party pictures, changed seasonal graphic.

12/18/09: Posted Christmas Party Photos – Began development of 2010 Calendar.

11/19/09: Removed old Classified Ads.

11/18/09: Posted Christmas Party Invitation for Members Only!

11/7/09: Updated seasonal graphic.

10/19/09: Posted photos from the 10/18 Fall Colors Tour.

10/12/09: Changed date of October Tour to Sunday, 10/18. Added details in Calendar.

10/4/09: Updated seasomnal graphic.

9/13/09: Posted photos from the 9/13 Steak & Ale and the 8/29 Mt Baker Run.

9/3/09: Welcome to newest members, Mike and Marie O, from Blaine.

8/30/09: Welcome to newest members, Harry and Janet S, from Blaine.

8/27/09: Changed date and added detail for Steak & Ale

8/17/09: Welcome to newest members, Wayne and Janet C., from Bellingham.

8/16/09: Posted photos from the 8/15 Camano Crab Run.

8/5/09: Added DETAILS for the 8/15 Camano Crab Run.

7/31/09: Added July 26 Salmon BBQ Photos to the ’09 Gallery.

7/22/09: Added invitation from the AARC for a September Sequim Garage Tour. See the Calendar.

7/15/09: Added July 26 Salmon BBQ & Ice Cream Social details to the Calendar.

7/15/09: New ’65 MGB listing in the Classifieds.

7/12/09: Posted photos from the 7/11 Skagit Valley Wine Tour.

7/7/09: Updated member RichardC (& wife) email addresses.

7/2/09: Added more pictures to the Strawberry Shortcake Rally.

7/1/09: Added July 11 Skagit Wine Tour details to the Calendar.

6/27/09: Added Becky’s pictures to the Strawberry Shortcake Rally.

6/26/09: Added Food Donation picture to Strawberry Shortcake Rally.

6/22/09: Added photos from the Strawberry Shortcake Rally.

6/17/09: Corrected freeway exit designation in Strawberry Shortcake flyer. 1977 MGB SOLD!

6/10/09: Added tools to Classifieds.

5/26/09: Posted photos from May 24th Boulevard Park Meet in the ’09 Gallery.

5/22/09: Added picnic invite to the May 24th Boulevard Park Car Show in the Calendar.

5/17/09: Added Doug E. back onto the roster.

5/4/09: Updated May 16th VanDusen Gardens ABFM and June 20th Strawberry Shortcake details in the Calendar.

Updated on-line roster to published manual.

4/20/09: 1977 MGB for sale, added to Classifieds.

4/15/09: Welcome back to Jon & Ann B.

4/9/09: Added Omak Car Show & “Over the Hill” Tour to the Calendar, May 8-10.

3/31/09: Added dues reminder & seasonal graphic.

3/16/09: Posted photos from the Morgenthaler March 15th Italian Run.

3/15/09: Added links to Pineapple Casserole & Quarterly Newsletter, Volume 1 to the Roster page.

3/11/09: Posted Quarterly Newsletter, Volume 1.

3/9/09: Posted Invitation and Sign-up for the 28th Annual LaConner Tulip Rallye .

3/7/09: Posted Mar 15th “Italian Run” details in the Calendar.

2/24/09: Updated roster: added new member & revised email address for Suzanne C. Added Feb 22 Tech Session Photos

2/17/09: Updated seasonal graphic.

1/29/09: Order a MBMGCC Name Tag .

1/21/09: Added Tech Time at Bradley Restorations, Feb 22.

1/20/09: Updated for 2009, including 09 Gallery, Calendar, Annual Planning Meeting, Officers, and Membership pages.

1/13/09: Changed seasonal graphic.

1/12/09: Welcome to new members Dave & Leslie B.

1/10/09: Added flyer for 24th Anniversary ABFM to Calendar.

1/9/09: Added link for Jan 18th Annual Member’s Meeting flyer.

1/8/09: Updated the 2009 Calendar with details of the June 20, Strawberry Shortcake Run.

1/5/09: 2009 Calendar is filling out. Come to the Jan 18th Annual Member’s Meeting.

12/29/08: 2009 Calendar has begun. Come to the Jan 4th Planning Meeting.

12/28/08: Changed seasonal graphic & welcome to new member .

12/10/08: Added Christmas Party Pineapple Casserole recipe to the Member’s Only Area.

12/9/08:Posted Christmas Party photos in Gallery.

11/30/08: Updated seaonal graphics.

11/21/08: Added Christmas Party RSVP Reminder.

11/6/08: Welcome to new members Jonathan & Dodie and changed seasonal Graphic.

11/1/08: Removed Pumkin Run notice from Home Page.

10/24/08: Added December 7th Christmas Party details to the Calendar.

10/23/08: Added add’l photos to the Fall Colors Tour in the Gallery.

10/9/08: Added Fall Colors Tour to the Gallery.

10/4/08: Added Pumpkin Run details to the Calendar & changed seasonal graphic.

9/28/08: Welcome to new members, Karl & Pat E. & changed seasonal graphic.

9/22/08: Posted pictures from the 9/20 Steak & Ale Tour in the ’08 Gallery

9/21/08: Added Dennis Ordello’s 50th Anniversary MGB to the Classifieds.

9/8/08: Classifieds: Fissenden MG SOLD!

9/6/08: Added Steak & Ale details to the Calendar.

9/3/08: Added pictures to Fissenden advertisement in Classifieds. Also added advertisement disclaimer.

8/28/08: Removed entry from Classifieds.

8/24/08: Posted Crab Run gallery, added pictures to 2008 Ice Cream Social in 2008 Gallery, added WANTED ad to Classifieds.

8/12/08: Updated Roster, welcome to new members, and posted pictures from 8/10 Ice Cream Social.

8/10/08: Another Amphicar video w/ Larry & Nancy here.

8/6/08: Updated Roster, welcome to new members & added Flapdoodle Express Progressive Meal and Poker Run to Calendar.

8/1/08: Minor update to Camano Crab Tour details.

7/31/08: RE-corrected TIME for the Ice Cream Social & added details to Camano Crab Run (8/23) in the Calendar.

7/30/08: Corrected TIME for Ice Cream Social & DATE for Steak & Ale in the Calendar.

7/15/08: Added Amphicar “Gilligan” video.

7/14/08: Updated Roster.

7/13/08: Added Winthrop Tour photos to the 2008 Gallery.

6/29/08: Updated Winthrop Tour in the Calendar.

6/28/08: Changed seasonal graphic.

6/27/08: Added to Links.

6/21/08: Updated Ice Cream Social in the Calendar.

6/20/08: Added Ron Morgenthaler’s “Restoration of the Year” winner to the Classifieds.

6/16/08: Added detail for July 12 Winthrop tour in Calendar.

6/12/08: Added link to Dan Root’s MG modification in British V8 Journal to home page, plus link BV8 links to Bill & Lyle Jacobson’s articles.

6/11/08: Added June 7 “Boomers Tour” to 2008 Gallery.

6/5/08: Added 5/27 Meeting Minutes to Newsletters & updated Calendar.

6/1/08: Added link to Sedro Woolley car show to Home Page.

5/30/08: Added ’70 parts car to Classifieds.

5/26/08: Added Boulevard Park photos & changed seasonal graphic.

5/22/08: Changed contacts in Calendar for July 26, All British Field Meet.

5/21/08: Added Tour Details to June 7, Boomers Tour.

5/20/08: Added Parts Cars to the Classifieds.

5/7/08: Updated Calendar.

4/30/08: Updated Member Roster to 2008.

4/22/08: Updated Member Roster.

4/16/08: Added new listing to the Classifieds.

4/7/08: Added Anacortes Tour photos and updated Member Roster.

4/4/08: Added Advance Autowire to Links.

4/1/08: Updated Member Roster.

3/29/08: 2008 dues deadline date added to index & Join-the-Club pages.

3/28/08: Added Anacortes tour details to Calendar.

3/18/08: Updated seasonal graphic (tulips).

3/16/08: MGs sold. Removed 2-MG ad from Classifieds.

3/4/08: Added Antique Automobile Restorers Club to Links.

3/1/08: Posted pics from Pea Soup tour.

2/28/08: Updated Mar 1 tour reminder.

2/24/08: Added ‘Show & Shine’ to the Calendar. Removed Eric Hall tagline, at his request.

2/23/08: Updated Pea Soup reminder on index page.

2/19/08: Corrected date of Tulip Rally on the Calendar.

2/16/08: Changed seasonal graphic. Added Pea Soup tour RSVP to Index.

2/14/08: Evelyn’s MGB has been sold! Added RSVP to March 1st Pea Soup Tour.

2/11/08: Made minor changes to the Join/Renew form, added MGB to Classifieds.

2/4/08: The 2008 Calendar updated with “Pea Soup” info.

1/31/08: The 2008 Calendar is posted.

1/30/08: Posted pictures from the 2008 Annual Meeting and updated the 2008 Officers. The 2008 Tour Schedule is coming soon.

1/18/08: Updated seasonal graphic.

1/15/08: MG Midget SOLD and removed listing from Classifieds .

1/7/08: Added listing of MG Midget in Classifieds .

1/4/08: Added 2008 Annual Meeting to Calendar.

12/27/2007: Added 2008 Boulevard Park meet to Calendar.

12/26/2007: Changed graphic. Updated Join the Club form & Calendar for 2008.

12/19/2007: Added ad for hardtop in Classifieds.

12/12/2007: Added announcement of the passing of Herb Strasler, added placeholder for 2008 Gallery.

12/5/2007: Added Golden Octagon Award announcement.

12/3/2007: Updated index page & added Christmas Party photos to the 2007 Gallery.

11/27/2007: Updated index page w/ colors & changed introduction wording. Added Strasler picture and note.

11/25/2007: Changed holiday graphic & added winter snow. Removed Shepard ad & added Matheson ad to Classifieds.

11/1/2007: Changed holiday graphic.

10/21/2007: Christmas Party info added to the Calendar.

10/17/2007: Added Steak & Ale Tour pictures to the gallery.

10/11/2007: Added Rodger Rude’s pictures to the Whatcom County Tour gallery and front page holiday graphic.

10/1/2007: Added link to Bill Jacobson’s V8 conversion article on front page.

9/25/2007: “Steak ‘n Ale” run details added to Calendar.

9/24/2007: Posted Lyle’s photos from the Whatcom County Tour to the 07 Gallery.

9/13/2007: Added new members Frank & Pamela Clouse to the Roster. Welcome!

9/3/2007: Updated Calendar. Cancelled Issaquah Tour and added Mt Baker Tour.

8/26/2007: Added remaining 2007 dates to the Calendar. Removed Lyle’s project from the Classifieds. It sold!

8/21/2007: Added more pictures to the 07 Ice Cream Social tour gallery.

8/20/2007: Added 07 Ice Cream Social tour photos to the gallery.

8/15/2007: Added NAMGAR (Whistler BC) photos to the gallery.

8/13/2007: Added listing to Classifieds.

8/11/2007: Added Steve Hanegan’s information to the roster. Added invitation to Lyle & Francie’s 50th Anniversary party & a calendar listing.

8/6/2007: Added pictures from the 8-4 Lynden Tractor Show.

7/30/2007: Added pictures from the 7-29 ABFM.

7/20/2007: Updated the ‘Members Only’ bulk email feature to accept a specific, user defined, return email address (previously it defaulted to “webmaster@ …..”). Thanks for the idea, Lyle.

6/28/2007: The August 11 Mt Baker Tour has been cancelled. Stay turned for a new date!

6/21/2007: Updated Marty & Cindy Shepard’s roster information.

6/6/2007: Updated the Classifieds.

5/30/2007: Added NEW MEMBER Stewart Prentiss (and his ’74 MGB) to the roster. WELCOME!

5/29/2007: Added Boulevard Park photos to the gallery.

5/23/2007: Removed Minter Gardens tour from the calendar.

5/22/2007: Added info and links to flyers for the Berry-Dairy Days & Snohomish Car Shows. See the Calendar.

5/21/2007: Added pictures from the Van Dusen Garden, all British Field Meet.

5/13/2007: Added hit counter to bottom of welcome page.

5/11/2007: Changed the front page announcement identifying the location of the Tulip Report.

5/7/2007: Added Kevin Cobley’s Tulip Rally Report.

5/2/2007: Posted photos from the Tulip Rally.

4/24/2007: The 2007 Roster is is on-line in the Members Only area. A warm welcome to new members: David Austin, Bellingham – Barbara & Brad Blymyer, LaConner – Richard & Suzanne Cheadle, Bow – Darrell & Laris Delaney, Burlington.

4/6/2007: A warm welcome to new members Ralph & Kathy Yingling from Monroe!

3/24/2007: Added more to calendar and embedded Skagit trip report with photos.

3/19/2007: Added Skagit Tour Pictures and removed Shamrocks.

3/18/2007: Added MG-YT picture to front page. Had a very good Skagit Valley tour . . . more to come!.

3/9/2007: Corrected some roster errors. Continued updates to the 2007 Calendar. Added ’75 MGB for sale in Classifieds.

2/27/2007: Please welcome former members Tom & Cathy Noel back to the club! They’ve been added to the online roster.

2/26/2007: The 2007 calendar is under construction, but the first tours are posted. A brief summary of the 2-25-07 meeting is in the Newsletter Section.

2/25/2007: Updated online roster.

2/24/2007: Welcome to new members, Dave & Sandy Rice!

2/19/2007: Updated front page graphics. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1/29/2007: Updated front page graphics. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1/3/2007: Updated front page graphics. Happy New Year!

12/20/06: Added eight more Christmas Party pics to page 2.

12/19/06: Updated front page graphic. Will make graphics changes throughout the Holidays. Merry Christmas

12/11/06: Posted Christmas Party Pictures from Lyle. The Bardes MG has been sold!

11/25/06: For Sale: split-bumper 1970 MBG GT – See Classifieds!

11/9/06: Added many new, beautiful pictures from the June 18, 2005 Minter Gardens Tour & updated this page – newest info is now at the top!

11/4/06: Christmas Party Invitation added at entry to Members Only area.

10/30/06: Added “MG For Sale” from Will & Wendy Bardes.

10/26/06: The Club was saddened to hear of member Bob Earl’s death, October 13 at the age of 87. There will be a memorial service for him at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Bellingham, November 2nd at 2 PM. The world of MG enthusiasts will seem much smaller with his passing.

10/26/06: Updated Tim & Nancy Vogel’s email address.

10/25/06: We welcome new members George & Marilyn Marshall from Bellingham & also added photos from Anacortes Tour.

10/17/06: John & Becky Taft say “goodbye” to their Midget and “hello” to a 1980 MGB — Congratulations!

10/16/06: Updated Stan & Kathy Sexton’s email address.

10/5/06: Updated mailer software.

10/4/06: Corrected Mark & Janine Cook and Marty & Gail Haines email addresses.

9/20/06: Updated member roster.

9/2/06: Moved the website server to a permanent connection and reassigned the URL to the new address. We’ve gone LIVE!

8/30/06: Updated member roster.

8/29/06: Added Mt Baker Tour photos & updated front page.

8/27/06: Minor maintenance.

8/15/06: Reformatted Contact Page & added 2nd email address capability. Added this page!

7/28/06: Set up 2006 Gallery. Added ’06 Ice Cream Social tour pics w/ embedded tour report.

July/early August 2006: Met with Eric Hall & Rodger Rude to discuss the site, better ways to serve the members and possibly moving website server. Worked on developing a Members Only section to provide a secure, on-line member roster and email contact capability. Set up a “mirror” development site, ISP addressable-only. Made many variations and trials.