Saturday, April 13, 2013

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet will keep the hardy MGer from their appointed rally!  We had a great run on Saturday despite Mother Nature throwing just about everything at us.  Here is a run down of the rally:

We had ten cars participate in spite of the weather.  We met at the parking lot of the crossroads shopping center at Sedro Woolley.  We traveled east on Highway 9 to get on the South Skagit Highway, then went through Day Creek and the back roads until we got to Sauk River Bridge outside of Rockport.

We stopped at the Howard Miller State Park for a potty break at about 11:30.  We went through Concrete and West on highway 20.  From there, we stopped at Eagle Haven Winery on Sims Road for a tour and taste, which was very good.  Many of us stalked up our wine and snack supplies.

As we had lots of snow at the higher levels, we had shortened the run some.  So, Dick and Dorothy had us over for coffee and pop.  From there, we headed west of Sedro Woolley to  “The Cutters Restaurant” for lunch at about 2:00pm.  It is right next to United General Hospital and Skagit Motel.

Lunch was good and we all enjoyed the beauty of the river drive with stunning mossy trees. Many thanks to Dick, Dorothy, John, and Becky  for hosting the run.  Also, take a look at the wheel pictures of Stan Sexton and Dick Joneli’s cars.    Also, the picture of the heater valve and hoses is an example of one Stan Sexton put together from part store parts.  Works very smooth.  If you have questions about it, Stan will be glad to share his idea with you.

Take care. –Kathy

We hope to see you at the upcoming Sultan Bakery Run on May 4th.  Be sure to watch the website for more information.

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