Tim and Kathy led an impromptu run last Saturday. We gathered up in Alger at 10:00 and were delighted to see so many members show up. The Mussleman’s even joined us with their beautiful black MGA. We had eleven MG’s and 20 people counting one that joined in along the way.

We had perfect May weather and light traffic. We dove around the east side of Lake Samish, then cruised west along the back way to the Chuckenut Gallery. After enjoying the Gallery we went south on Chuckenut Drive and turned south at Bow and ended up at the Corner Pub for a good lunch.

Those that wanted to go further went on to Anticortas where we went to Capsantie Park for a great view. Lots of Turkey Vultures soaring along the cliffs.¬†Then we visited the Preston Museum for a tour of the ship. After that several of us went to Anthoney’s for happy hour.

We saw lot’s of pictures taken along the way by people enjoying seeing so many of our little MG’s. Thanks to all who joined us.


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