The Wine and Chocolate Trail

Despite the rain, we had a great turnout for our first run of the year.  Although, there were no MG’s to be seen (because of the rain) we had fun.  Those that attended were John & Becky Taft; Susan Parr, Elrae Morgenthaler; Dave & Leslie Borg; Karl & Pat Essig; Chet and Sachi Haynes;  Stan Sexton and friend Pete; and Tim & Kathy Randell.

 We headed first to the Eagle Haven Winery.  As usual, we tasted lots of wine and chocolate.  Then, headed to Skagit Cellars that was set at the Tulip Winery tasting room. We were able to see lots of wildlife including eagles, hawks, and snow geese between wineries. After that, we made our way down to Conway to have lunch at the Conway Tavern.  The tavern was busy but, the staff did an amazing job serving everyone and the food was great.  After lunch we went to the Pasik Winery in Conway and then headed up to a new winery called Bertelsen.  After enjoying Bertelsen winery (and the cutest little dog you ever saw) we all went our separate ways.

If you weren’t able to make this run, we hope to see you at the next.


Photos to come!