On September 26th in pouring rain, John and Becky, Mike and Marie, Dave and Leslie, Dan and Denise, Russ and Cathy and Harry and Janet (four MGs and two “real cars”) made the trip to Prosser in fine style.  Some got wet, some stayed dry,  you can guess how that works out!   Sunny skies greeted us after Stevens Pass, and after arriving in Prosser we walked to a nearby winery (Airfield Winery) for tastings and entertainment.   At Horse Heaven Saloon we met up with Karl and Pat and Rich and Suzanne who were traveling in their RVs.  Dinner was delicious and service great as well.

Saturday morning many got up early for the balloon launch at 6:45, the weather was perfect.   A large excited crowd watched 22 colorful balloons laid out flat, then starting to take shape and then fully inflated, floating into the sky.  A short walk to the bridge enabled us to see the balloons touchdown on the river.  We visited downtown Prosser for the street fair and fun shops.  After lunch at Hog Heaven BBQ, some proceeded to a few of the many wineries in the area.  Later that day, we met up at the stadium for the “night glow” —  balloons launched and tethered after dark, lit only by the burners being set off intermittently.  Beautiful.  Two steel bands made up of youngsters from the TriCities area played wonderfully while we waited for the sun to go down.  Sunday was another great day but apparently not the right conditions for launching balloons.  Instead, a few of them launched and tethered, there were no flights that day.

Our RV members stayed on in Prosser, the four MGs and one “chase vehicle” headed out about 9 AM for a great drive back over Blewett and Stevens Passes; with stops for photo ops, the fruit market, and Zeke’s for great lunch goodies. One of our “chase vehicles” left a little later and took another route home but reported a smooth trip back as well.

All in all a wonderful weekend, with many many thanks to Becky for her great planning and leadership and to John for his skillful driving and willingness to make stops for us all. Both of those jobs entail something akin to “herding cats” and we’re very lucky they’re good at it!  If we get to go again, everybody should consider taking this trip as it is a really scenic and fun weekend.

Thanks again to the Tafts.  –Leslie

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