Thanks to great planning by Randy and Janeen and some great weather, yesterday’s event was wonderful.  All in all, we ended up with 21 participants — including four MGs — for a full day of scenic drives, great lunch, and a very interesting tour of the Marine Tech Center in Anacortes.

After meeting at the mall in Burlington, we caravanned to Anacortes, for a delicious lunch at Gere-Deli.  They offer greatmade-to-order sandwiches which everyone seemed to enjoy.  From there, we drove up through Washington Park, a wonderful winding road through the woods with a very scenic stop at the top.  Next we went to the Marine Tech Center for a really interesting talk and tour of the facility.  The instructors there are teaching select high school students (sent to them by schools in the area) actual hands on work with regard to marine technology and aerospace composites.  All way over my head, but the important thing we all learned is how they’re helping students graduate from highschool with a ready-to-use skill in one of those fields.  Any student who graduates from that program is guaranteed a “job interview” with one of several participating companies.   It’s a fairly new program but I expect they will have many success stories over the coming years.  Thanks again to the for planning a great outing.  –LeslieB

Pictures courtesy of DaveB and LyleJ.  Click on any image for a larger view.

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