Bellingham Flight Museum Rally

We had a great rally on Saturday, October 19th, to the Bellingham Flight Museum.  In attendance were:  Lyle and Francine Jacobsen, Mike  Grant and Carol Hanaway; John and Becky Taft, Randy and Janeen Battan; George and Marilyn Marshall, Evan Wert; Dave and Leslie Borg; Susan Parr; Tim and Kathy Randell; Stan Sexton; Dave and Loretta Smailes.  The rally was hosted by Mike Grant and Carol Hanaway.

We met at Burlington Edison High School at 11:00a.m and then took a drive up Chuckanut drive and down Marine Drive to the Bellingham Airport.  In spite of the long lasting fog the drive was very pretty with all the fall leaves.  Unfortunately, it was too foggy for the planes to take off.  But five members were able to take their cars into the hanger and get pictures taken with the planes.

We left the airport and headed over to Mike and Carol’s home.  What a beautiful home with a beautiful view.  Carol and Mike had fixed pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans with salad.  It was wonderful and the Club “thanks” them very much.  We conducted a short meeting at their home before going home.

Tim Randell, President, discussed the runs the Club recently held.  The most recent was to Mt. Baker.  It was a stunning day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  However, Dave and Leslie reported on a “near miss” on the way back down the mountain.  We are so thankful that no one was hurt and that they and their car escaped unscathed.  Tim, also, reported on the “Great Prosser Rally” the end of September.  There was just a group of four going and it really was fun.  However, the wind blew and the rain fell most of the time.  The balloons didn’t even get off the ground.  But there was a nice street fair and plenty of wineries and shops to go through.  It was the first time in 24 years that the balloons had not been launched-maybe next year.

In regards to new business Tim requested volunteers for a Nomination Committee for next year’s officers.  Becky Taft and Stan Sexton volunteered.  We will be sending out the nomination for a vote in December.  If you plan to attend the annual meeting in January, you can vote then.  The date for the January meeting has not been set.

Tim reported that Becky and John Taft are planning a rally in November up the South Skagit River.  However, it will be scheduled depending on weather.  Watch for further details on your e-mail and the website.  Also, the Christmas Party is now schedule for December 15th and is being hosted by Carol and Rodger at their Community Room.  Keep an eye on the website for more information.  Also, the Club received an invitation to attend the NAMGBR Nation Convention June 15-19 at French Lick Springs Resort in French Lick, Indiana.  If you are interested in additional information about this convention, please contact Kathy Randell as she has some written materials to review.

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