ElRay put together the Mt. Baker Run on September 7th. She lead the Mt. Baker Club, along with members of the North West Club. We gathered at Sunset Avenue Cost Cutter and drove along the south end of Lake Whatcom to Highway 9. We took the Mosquito Lake Rd. and then the Baker Highway to the Ranger Station.

We backtracked to Gram’s Store where we had a nice lunch. After lunch we drove to Nooksack Falls which was beautiful.

We then drove to the parking lot by Artist Point, where we walked a little on the trails and talked MG’s. We also enjoyed new member Joel Brossard who was on his first run with us. His wife Carol could not be with us.

Thank you Becky, for the pictures.

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group shot   IMG_5511   IMG_5529   IMG_5540   IMG_5691