Good weather, Good Friends and Good Food  What a day!  Photos from Lyle

From Kathy:  I want to thank Susan so much for putting on great crab feed and get together. The crab was excellent, as was the garlic bread. Also there were many great goodies brought by our members. A beautiful setting with great food and friends.  I also want to give a big thanks to our crab catchers who put in load of work for us. Thursday DaveR and MarkA did crab duty and on Friday DaveR and StanS did crab duty. Great job guys.

Also, many thanks to Mike and Carol who led about 14 MG’s and a 1 Alpine Tiger on a nice drive. We went down to Kayak Point Park, visited the Matzke Gallery, and took loads of winding roads with beautiful views.

We did have a couple hiccups with brake downs. Mike and Marie’s nice 78 MGB broke down and, even with some expert club help, it needed to be towed to Andy’s. A new distributor and it is in good shape again. By the way, with Susan’s generous loan of a car they were able to come have some crab and drive themselves home.

The other hiccup was John and Becky’s 78 MGB quit out on highway 9 on the way home. Luck was right behind them in a nice red MGB, driven by Dick and Dorothy. Dick gave John a ride home to get his pickup so they could tow the “Little Beast” home. John had the alternator rebuilt and it is up and running again.

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