Wild Horses Wind Farm

May 19, 2013

Last Sunday Kathy and I met up with Dave and Sandy Rice at the Sultan Bakery. Dave led us over to the Vantage area where we met up with the Wenatchee British Car Club. We took a nice drive and stopped at a private park for lunch and car talk.

We then went to the Wild Horses Turbine Facility and had a tour. Our tour guide was very good and it was very interesting to learn more about wind power. The fans stand well over 300 feet tall with 3 fan blades, about 130 foot long each.

Kathy and I left for Winthrop after that. We stayed the night and had a nice drive home, over our favorite pass. We really enjoyed the group from the Wenatchee area. They were all friendly as could be and made us feel very welcome. The also had some very interesting British cars. We took pictures to share.

Hope to see a lot of you at this Sundays Boulevard Park Car show.

Tim & Kathy

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